The newest and final chapter in our little family is Desmond.  He was born in February 2013.  He is a great addition to our household and we are pleased with his outgoing personality and love for life.  He follows in his brothers footsteps as being a baby that is very easy to get to smile.  Look who is ONE!!  Wow, he is a little twin to Skylor.  What a joy he has been.

Isabel and Skylor are our two busiest and best workers.  They help with everything and will try as hard as they can.  Their newest thing is working with a holstein calf to get her ready for 4-H.  They love their four-wheel rides and especially going on the truck with dad while he is hauling livestock.  They love the outdoors and just love all the animals that they have to work with.  Skylor was born in November 2010 and Isabel was born July 2002.  Skylor spends his time riding his stick horse and throwing his rope to catch his "moo-cows".  A born cowboy.  Isabel is such a joy and loves to help where ever she can. She is starting her first year of showing in 4-H with her quarter horse gelding " Jack" the spring of 2014.

Alison is the wife and mother of this wonderful group of people.  She strives to keep everyone happy and still have time to enjoy her passion with horses.  She went to school for Equine Business management at Salem Teikyo University in West Virginia.  She has trained and ridden in Hunt seat, jumpers, Saddleseat, western pleasure, reining, dressage, and even side saddle with some of the worlds top trainers.  She has numerous awards showing in various seats of riding on various breeds of horses.  She has taken on the selling of horses on consignment and works closely with one trainer that trains his horses well and are always a joy to work with.  Her main job is raising her three children and helping her husband.  She has a love and deep compassion for horses that translates into her customers whom have stayed in contact with her years after owning the horse that they bought from her.


Abner is the head of this little bunch of a family.  He is adored by his three children and admired by his wife.  He is always light in mood and has a great goofy personality.  His love and passion for animals shows greatly with his many "projects" that he takes on to help.  He is a very hard worker and is the sole care taker to all the animals on the farm.  He loves to drive and ride horses as well as take care of them.  He also is taking care of the cow, goats, sheep, chickens, ducks and pigs.  He absolutely loves animals and loves to help people as well when ever he can.  Along with the care of the animals and his family, he hauls livestock locally with his brother and has been for over 25 years.