Abner and Alison Beiler have been involved with the equine world for over 40 years and have never lost their touch and have never stopped learning about this magnificent animal.  We have learned through our own personal experience that each animal in an individual and needs to be treated as such.  We have also learned the over whelming ability that the horse has to heal and we love to be able to share that with anyone that has time.  We love all animals great and small and know that God gave us the talent to be able to take care of and love all the animals that come into our care.  In this picture, Alison is in on top of their beloved Morgan named Magic for their wedding day.  We lost our sweet boy to Cusions disease in 2012.  Good Bye our wonderful boy, until we meet again!!!  We give all our thanks to God for all he does for us in everything that we do.  He is amazing and we love him!  Psalm 37:4 The other picture is our youngest son in his first lead line class showingaboard our trusted Lance with mom in the lead.  He is going to be our horseman for sure, he loves riding.  Please enjoy our little website and we hope to hear from you soon!!  Take Care and May God Bless you All!

Here is Jelly Bean and Skylor.  He is as sweet as they come and just loves his little buddy.  He is easy for Skylor to drive and ride.  He is a mini-horse gelding that was foaled in 2005.

Abner and Alison Beiler

Here is Lance, Alison's main ride.  He is a quarter horse gelding that was foaled in 2001.  He will do or go anywhere that she asks him to.  To roping run away heifers to running full gallop in the snow with a sled tied to the saddle horn, he is great!!

Our Horses

Here is Larry and Lance.  Larry is Abner's horse.  He is a paint horse gelding that was foaled in 1999.  He has a heart of gold for Abner and will try all he can to please him. 

Here is Nala, Alison's other best friend.  She is a Boerboel and to our family, the best breed of dog!!